Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Painting Memories: Ball, Kerr, Atlas and Mason Jars

My childhood memories are full of colorful jars. 

Vibrant jars of produce cooled on my great-grandmother's kitchen shelves. Jars brimming with colored water cast red, blue and yellow shadows on our butcher block. My grandmother's button collection sparkled at me through a jar on her dresser. Sometimes on warm summer evenings, I fell asleep by the light of a Mason jar shimmering with fireflies.

I guess you could say that I like to paint jars because it gives me something to store my memories in.  Below are some of  my watercolor paintings that depict the colorful jars of my childhood. 

"July's Harvest" 22x15 

"Alabama Summer Day" 8x10 Collection of Alexandra Ragland.

"Labyrinth" 12x15

"Night Lights" 22x30

"Plans for Pancakes" 22x30

"Summer Magic" 20x26

"Summer Sparkles" 20x26

"Small Harvest" 5x7

"Little Night Lights" 5x7

"Mint Julep" 5x7

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